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More and More, It Takes a Village

An oft overlooked benefit of the workforce of mothers is the strengthening of our communities and of our schools.  Everyone involved in a child's life today has had to hone sense of responsibility and service to families.

One of the newest benefits of working moms is that not every mother has to leave their home in order to work. Some mothers open daycare centers at their home so that they can still spend their days with their children. Other mothers find work online so that they can collect a salary and still stay home. Then there are companies that hire people to work out of their house. Even with all the work at home choices, there are mothers who prefer to work outside of the home.

The social involvement and lives of working women have had a positive effect on our businesses and institutions.  And in turn women who may not have had the chance to apply skills to community building and institutional reckoning with the needs of families, have done so.  Working outside the home allows mothers to have friends and co-workers to interact with. It allows them to find a sense of fulfillment outside of the house. Being able to do quality work helps mothers build a level of self-confidence that only comes from working with one's peers. There is also a level of self-confidence that comes from providing money for the home.

One of the primary benefits of working moms include the money that they bring to the home. In so many cases this money is necessary to the families they help head.  Many families need two incomes in order to own a house, pay the bills, and have two vehicles. Many mothers now days have the opportunity to help the family by bringing in a second income. This shift in family structure has changed the rules around the house.

A working moms give children and spouses a chance to become more responsible. She simply doesn't have time to do all the household chores. When a mother is working, even if it is within the home, the father and the children need to do their share to maintain a smooth running family.  This is a family shift from the traditional old-time family where the father didn't help around the home at all or did very little. Since the mother is working to provide the second income, the father doesn't have to work two jobs and can spend more time with his family. This shift of balance provides an excellent role model for children.

Yet another one of the benefits of working moms is that they are a role model for their children. Children who are raised watching both of their parents work are more likely to have a great work ethic themselves when they grow up. They learn the value of working and, unfortunately the importance of money and consumerism to a family. In addition, they, hopefully, watch their parents share the duties around the house so they understand how to create a loving and sharing home for their own children.

There are many benefits for working moms. They are able to develop a sense of fulfillment and build their self confidence. They are role models for their children in how to balance a family and work. Working moms have become a staple in today's workforce and in today's homes.

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