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benefits-of-xylitol-lose-weightSafe, Natural, 50-year-old Sweetener has Health Benefits!

Xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol, is present in breathmints, chewing gum and fruits. The more we learn about Xylitol, the more we know we cannot go wrong adding it to our diets. Xylitol is a natural sugar substitute, and a great way to combat the sugar and obesity epidemic. Sugar has long been known to cause weight gain and hypoglycemia, greatly upping our risks of obesity and diabetes.

Sugar also elevates triglycerides, bad cholesterol and blood pressure, upping our heart disease risk. Dentists especially are singing the praises of Xylitol, for it assists in the prevention of cavities; strengthening and helping tooth enamel.

Health Benefits of Xylitol

Whittle your waist:  Xylitol is known as a natural sugar that is just as sweet as that dreaded table sugar. Yet the sweetener has 75% fewer carbohydrates and 40% fewer calories. Using Xylitol regularly in place of sugar will help shrink your tummy! Xylitol is absorbed slowly and metabolized, keeping blood sugar levels stable, possibly controlling hunger.

Great for Diabetics: Xylitol is not converted to fat very easily, unlike sugar. This means that insulin levels are barely affected and diabetics can still have their sweets. Pregnant and nursing moms, women on diets, body builders and children also benefit.

Bye Bye Ear Infections:  Xylitol knocks down certain bacteria, keeping it from growing, which keeps ear infections from occurring in children. Earwax is greatly reduced and bacteria prevented in the tubes that connect the ear and nose.

Helps Prevent Cavities:  Xylitol cannot be changed into acid by bacteria of the mouth, unlike regular sugar. Because of this, the acid balance of the mouth stays healthy and assists in preventing cavities.

Slows Down Growth of Candida: This means that your risk of stomach cancer is reduced, your breath will smell better and stomach ulcers will not develop. Xylitol even kills off or slows the growth of H. Pylori.

May Increase Bone Density: A study out of Finland showed that the natural sweetener improved boned density in rats, indicating that Xylitol could be a potential way to treat osteoporosis.

Ups Your White Blood Cell Action:  Even small amounts of Xylitol ramps up your white blood cells purpose, building your immune system and protecting you against degenerative diseases. And the sweetener has anti-aging benefits.

Other benefits listed are helping prevent and treat sinus infections/allergies, reduction of strep in newborns to age two, and stronger, better-looking tooth enamel.

Cooking with Xylitol

Xylitol won't dissolve or break down when used in cooking, so it is a healthy choice with any recipe that needs sugar. And the natural sweetener is just as sweet so there is no conversion needed. One cup Xylitol equals one cup sugar.
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