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By letting your children dress themselves, you can enhance a child's sense of identity as well as their ability to choose. If your morning routine is filled with structure, break the pattern by letting you kids dress themselves. It can be chaotic, but it can also be fun.Here's a list of other tips if you're contemplating on letting your children choose clothes.

Provide Options You Approve

If you hate tank tops or can't stand wool, don't let your child wear it. Designate a specific dress-up bin and place all your child's costume items in there. Try filling it with things you think your child might wear on a day to day basis, such as t-shirts, pants and shoes. But make sure you also stock it with creative items like hats and scarves.

Smile For The Camera

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Most children love to strike a pose for the camera, especially if they're doing something fun! When your letting your child pick out his or her clothes, makes sure to have your smartphone, tablet or digital camera on hand. These photos will be fun to scrapbook in the future!

Dress Up With Them

Dressing up with your child can show them the proper steps to putting on clothes. It can also provide them with some much-needed mommy time and parental engagement. Even have some fun with it by strapping on a pair of butterfly wings or a princess tiara. Your kids will be thrilled! The only problem is, they might ask you to wear the costume for the whole day, so make sure to show them the difference between dress up and what to wear to school.

Practicing For Reality

Unless your child intends on becoming a fashion model or costume designer, it's likely he or she will outgrow this phase. When they do, the practice and getting dressed and having fun will prepare them for a lifetime of success when it comes to style and creativity, as well as expressing themselves in the future.

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