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  • Sugar Cane Juice

    Sugar Cane Juice

    Straight from a sugar cane plant, this sweet drink is enough to give you a sugar high for the week!

  • Pastel Frito

    Pastel Frito

    Otherwise known as "pastéis," this fried food tastes just like a delicious deep-fried empanada! Typically they are filled with beef or fish, and cheese.

  • Açaí Berry Mix

    Açaí Berry Mix

    Although açaí berries taste great in smoothies, they also serve as a great substitute to yogurt in the morning! Mix mashed up açaí berries with strawberries, bananas, and even a bit of granola for a delicious fruity breakfast.

  • Fish Stew

    Fish Stew

    Fish is popular in Brazil, and shrimp is a hot item! The most famous stew uses shrimp and other fish, and typically is sprinkled with tomatoes and peppers.

  • Coxinha De Galinha

    Coxinha De Galinha

    This fried goodness is filled with chicken and cheese, and are a cultural fast food favorite. Squirt some lime on top for the perfect touch.

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