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Stay connected to all your favorite TV shows and never miss an episode! These top 7 apps can easily be downloaded to your smartphone or your tablet. They are compatible with your cellphone connection or Wi-Fi, making it super easy to watch your favorite shows while away from home. 

Top 7 TV Apps


apps-tv-obsessed-netflixNetflix provides one of the best picture and sound qualities on the market. We all love Netflix for our home, but it’s even better on your smartphone! There are dozens and dozens of TV shows available to binge watch!




Hulu Plus

apps-tv-obsessed-hulu-plusHulu is one of the most well-known providers in TV programming. What this app offers that others don’t is recent programming. If you miss your favorite show, you can easily catch up at home or on the go. 





apps-tv-obsessed-tv-comTV.com is another free TV app that brings you your favorite TV shows from the most popular networks. You can watch full episodes using your cellular or Wi-Fi connection. Of course with a free service you’ll have to watch a few ads, but this free service produces perfect picture and sound features.




apps-tv-obsessed-crackleWhile Crackle doesn’t have a huge selection of TV shows, the service is free and has some unique programming that you can also get addicted to! It is also full of movies for those lazy days at home!




Watch ABC

apps-tv-obsessed-watch-abcIf you have a favorite TV show that airs on ABC, this app will be your new best friend. It streams the series live on any device (none of its competitors do this).





apps-tv-obsessed-hbo-goThere are dozens of awesome TV shows on HBO and with the HBO Go app, you can catch up on those and watch some of your favorite HBO movies before they hit Netflix! You can also stream old shows for those #ThrowbackThursdays. 




TV Guide 

apps-tv-obsessed-tv-guideStay up-to-date on when your favorite TV shows air with the TV Guide app. It can also connect you to your other apps so you can watch your shows while away from your TV. In addition, it provides news articles on your favorite TV shows and actors so you never miss a beat!


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