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Bonfires can be so much more than a quick round of hot dogs and s'mores. Planning a whole evening around the fire pit with good eats will leave your guests delighted and impressed. Try out some of these suggestions to throw the perfect backyard bonfire.


If there is a bonfire ready to go, there are most likely wooden skewers nearby. Set up an assembly line of ingredients for guests to create their own kabobs. Offer precooked meats such as chicken and steak along with assorted vegetables, like green, red and yellow peppers. Throw in some apple slices and pineapple chunks as well as any other fruit you have on hand. For an added touch, provide mozzarella balls, flavored olive oils and herbs to season each kabob. Once assembled, sit around the fire to heat them up.

Baked Potato Bar

This is a simple treat that guests can easily customize to their individual tastes. To bake the potatoes, place a grill grate over the top of the bonfire to make the cooking process extremely easy.  All you need to do is to get out some aluminum foil, wrap up potatoes, and place them in the fire. Once the potatoes are nice and tender, offer a bar of toppings that includes baked potato staples of different cheeses, chives, bacon, sour cream, butter, tomatoes, and whatever else you can think will taste good.

Campfire Burritos

Keeping the assembly line theme alive, offer your guests some yummy ingredients for a stuffed burrito. Include tortillas, precooked and seasoned chicken, Spanish rice, assorted beans, cheeses, grilled onions and peppers, and whatever else you want to spice things up. Have everyone put together their burrito, wrap it up in aluminum foil, and proceed to heat it up over the fire.

Banana Boats 

For dessert, take a banana and slice it down the middle (be sure to leave the peel on). Fill the banana with chocolate chips, butterscotch chips and mini marshmallows. Wrap each one in foil and let everything roast and melt together for a deliciously gooey treat.

Cookie S'mores 

Give classic s'mores an upgrade. Keep the chocolate bar and toasted marshmallow sandwiched in the middle, but substitute the graham crackers for your favorite type of cookie.

Bonfires are fun on their own, but with the addition of these fireside snacks, everyone will surely have a good time and leave the party stuffed. Experiment with your own backyard recipes and share your best bonfire treats with us!


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