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Not even your girlfriends may share their best beauty secrets for the face. Every woman wants to be admired for having the most beautiful facial skin because there is nothing more flattering than having your friends ask about your beauty routine.

Our beauty experts, Melissa Ben-Yoseph and Shay Moinuddin, will give you their beauty tips to put your best face forward.

About the Experts

Melissa-Ben-Yoseph-Photo-FINALMelissa Ben-Yoseph is a publicist with 17 years of experience in consumer products, aesthetic beauty, healthcare, and beauty communications. She has a track record of generating interest and increasing visibility through coverage in national, regional, trade, and social media.



Shay-Photo-FINALShay Moinuddin is a highly sought after skin care expert, who has over 10 years of experience in aesthetic medicine. She is a master injector and has an extraordinary amount of experience injecting the most popular FDA-approved dermal fillers and neurotoxins on the market today. Shay is considered an anti-aging expert and uses combination modalities such as radio-frequency, ultrasound energy, and laser therapy to give patients the ultimate in aesthetic enhancement. Shay is considered one of the top beauty experts in her field and prides herself on providing patients with safe and effective treatment options that preserve their natural beauty.


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