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best-beer-for-women-to-order-videoWe have three great beer options that women will love!

Let's face it, sometimes, beer can be so confusing! Other times, ordering the perfect beer can be a piece of cake, especially since some of the best beer experts out there are women! But for some, ordering a beer can be intimidating. To make the ordering process a little bit easier, we spoke to Ken Hendricks, the beer expert at Howells and Hood, to ask him what kinds of beer women typically tend to order.


Best Beer for Women

The first type of beer Ken Hendricks suggests is a raspberry lambic. This beer has a red tone to it because there are actually raspberries in the beer. The raspberries are introduced during the brewing process to give the beer a much sweeter taste, which many women tend to gravitate towards. This beer looks colorful and smells amazing. The raspberry lambic beer usually has a relatively high alcohol content, about 6 to 10 percent.

The second type of beer women tend to enjoy, and my personal favorite, is a Belgian ale. Belgian ale is very high in alcohol content (between 9 and 10 percent), so be careful while drinking it. This beer can sneak up on you! This is a very sweet beer because they add sugar during the fermentation process, so it is a little sweeter than other beers.

A cider is the final type of beer Hendricks recommends for women to try, even though this is technically considered a type of wine. This beverage is made with fruit, typically apples or pears, to give it a crisp and fruity taste.

With any beer, you can always add a sweet garnish like a slice of orange. The orange helps pick up floral notes of the hoops and gives the beer a hint of a citrus flavor.

The next time you are at a restaurant and looking through a long list of beers, try out one of these favorites. You never know...it could end up being your new go-to drink! 

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