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Parents are constantly worrying about the safety of their kids when they leave the house. Who they're with, where they are, or how much money they're spending are constant questions running through a parent's mind. 

Today's technology can help ease some of that stress. Here's a look at some helpful applications for keeping tabs on what your kids are up to. 

1. Sygic Family

16022-checkin-apps-families-sygicSygic Family tells you the real time location of your family members via map display, complete with icons and personalized pictures. If you're kid gets lost, the SOS function provides their exact location with the push of a button. There are also customizable safe and unsafe zones that will alert you when they enter a testy area. 


2. mamaBear

mamaBearmamaBear lets you do more than simply monitor you're family members' locations. This application allows you to send and receive messages, watch your kids' social media activity, and even alerts you if they drive recklessly.  



3. ICE (In Case of Emergency)

ICEThis is the app you want when something goes wrong. By storing important information such as allergy alerts and emergency contacts, doctors and first responders can easily reference ICE and alert the nearest family members with the touch of a screen. By combining multiple profiles, ICE can work as a medical database for the entire family. 


4. Bank of Mom

BankofMomIt's no secret that kids aren't the most frugal people in the world. Bank of Mom allows you to monitor their spending and will alert you if they go over budget. You can also schedule their virtual allowance by making automatic deposits and withdrawals from their account.


5. iCam

iCamPicParents who often find themselves working late will love this live streaming app that allows your to monitor your house from any webcam. After-school ragers will be a thing of the past with this powerful tool in the palm of your hand.

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