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‘Tis the season to dive into a good book! Studies show that there are numerous benefits to reading to your child at night so cuddle up with a festive Christmas book and let your kids enter the magical world of Christmas!

Christmas is a time of fantasy and magic and these books feature some of the best holiday rhymes, pictures and storylines to show your kids what Christmas is really all about!

Eleven Magical And Kid-Friendly Christmas Books 

The Night Before Christmas: This classic book by Clement C. Moore is a kid and adult favorite. It’s a poetic holiday tradition! 

The Berenstein Bears and the Joy of Giving: This story will teach your kids the true meaning of Christmas. 

How the Grinch Stole Christmas: Ah... the Grinch. Who can resist this collection of creative rhymes or the sweet ending of this classic Dr. Seuss book?

The Nightmare Before Christmas: We love Tim Burton’s movie too! The book is by Tim Burton and features fantastic rhymes and amazing pictures. 

Snowmen at Christmas: Bring your kids into the fantastic world of snowmen! The secret life of snowmen is exposed in this sweetly illustrated story.

Santa Mouse: A cute mouse realizes that Santa continuously gives and gives toys to kids but never receives anything himself for the holiday. So, he sweetly leaves Santa a holiday present. 

Polar Express: Also a magical movie, this festive tale centers on children who take a night train to visit Santa at the North Pole. 

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever: Craziness and holiday fun ensue when a group of kids get cast in a Christmas play. 

Rock Star Santa: A very fun twist! Santa and his reindeer are rock stars ready to bring down the house on Christmas Eve! 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: We love this classic tale of everyone’s favorite reindeer with the magical glowing nose! 

The Nutcracker: The enchanted story of a young girl’s nutcracker that transforms into a prince and battles the evil Mouse King! 

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