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dog-birthday-parties-do-happen-videoDo you know your dog's birthday? Here are fun ways to celebrate them! 

You shouldn’t be embarrassed to throw a birthday party for a dog. Honestly, it’s a new fad to upload your dog’s birthday party to YouTube and share it with all of your friends and family members. These videos even made us feel excited about celebrating our next birthday.

Dogs, just like other pets, become another member of the family very quickly, especially when you're raising a puppy. We imagine they have feelings and emotions just like we do because sometimes their eyes can say so much. Making up words or phrases of what they are thinking becomes so easy since they don’t speak.

Some of these videos below are hitting over 10,000 views on YouTube, but one on this list has nearly 1 million views from dog lovers around the world. Do these dogs really know when their birthday is from the way they act in these videos? We’ll leave you to decide after watching.

Best Dog Birthday Parties

1. "I'm sitting! I'm sitting! What else do you want?!" 

2. A whole house of animals celebrate one dog's birthday.

3. Dreaming about all the bad things he wants to do on his birthday.

4. "I can't eat cake with this hat on!"

5. What does he think these balloons are?

This only leaves us wondering, "What's next?" Sooner or later, pets are going to be sitting at the kitchen table eating with forks and knives. We incorporate pets into our family like they're humans.

You can never deny the love of a furry friend!

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