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a_knee_exerciseRunning on Pavement is Out

If you have bad knees, you already know that exercising can be difficult and complicated. Finding the best exercise for bad knees, more specifically your type of bad knees, is very important so that you do not further injure your knees. Guarding against joint damage by using injury-specific, safe exercises can help to protect hip and knee joints even with serious knee injuries.

New Guidelines for Protecting Joints

Just like every person is different, so is every knee injury. Therefore, the best exercise for bad knees will depend on the specific condition of the bad knees. It will also be helpful in finding the right exercises for bad knees if you know what caused their "bad" status in the first place.

Those who pride themselves in running and/or jumping may find that they have a knee injury all their own: runner's knee. Runner's knee affects many people and jumper's knee affects those who jump often as well as those who routinely squat and climb stairs. Serious knee injuries such as those that involve ligament damage and tearing of the cartilage can also be a common reason for bad knees. Overweight stress on knees is also considered to be part of the serious knee injuries that one can have.

Once you've identified what caused your knees to turn bad, you will be able to figure out the best exercise for bad knees that suits your unique needs. Among all of the various safe exercises for bad knees you can apply a rule of thumb when you are not sure: you can never go wrong when participating in an exercise, or activity that is low impact.

Any low impact exercise will certainly be the best exercise for bad knees. The most beneficial overall low impact exercises are water aerobics and swimming. These workouts are the best way to protect hip and knee joints, thus keeping you from making anything worse. Water is always the best choice because it is a low gravity environment so there will be little chance of putting too much stress from impact on your bad knees. Best of all, water-based workouts burn a lot of calories and will aid in weight loss and building lean muscle.

No matter what the injury, serious knee injuries included, you must make sure that the exercise you are doing is guarding against joint damage. To ensure you are exercising correctly, make sure that you are doing some simple stretches but nothing too extreme. Basic exercises like sit ups and lunges are okay to do as well, just make sure to avoid anything that involves stomping, jumping and especially twisting at the knee.

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