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We all know the necessity of needing a family car to tool around with our little ones. And with gas prices these days, the decision to get a new, good family car is not one to be taken lightly. Fortunately, auto makers and engineers are looking for new ways to make our traveling experiences more practical and convenient, whether it be a simple commute to school, or a long trip that would put Chevy Chase to shame.

Our own Andrea Metcalf spoke with some experts on different types of what she has deemed the best family cars. And, make no mistake. This woman has lived it, having children of her own and being a "go-getter," she knows her stuff!

Dodge Grand Caravan

This spacious van has incredible DVD systems, including the latest Blue Ray change-over for both the second and third rows of the vehicle. Rest assured, your little ones or even your teenagers can watch movies with comfort under this scenario, staving off the usual sibling fights or the just plain "I want my mommy" drama. Sporting what manufacturers call the, "Super stone go seating system," that we might add, no one else offers, the van can be switched from a passenger vehicle to a cargo-transporting one in seconds.

Toyota Highlander

This vehicle easily transports skies, bikes and whatever else your heart desires on the top. If you are a "jeep" person but like the luxuries, this is the vehicle for you!

Ford Fusion

Deemed a spacious and luxurious car with its leather seats full-screen and plenty of room for both pets and your kiddies, this one was named the #1 car by the Midwest Automotive Media Association. Best of all, this car is offered as a hybrid for those of us people that value staying "green." A notable fact is that while not an SUV, but a car, the automobile is quite spacious.

The 2014 GMC Sierra Truck

Most pickups require having to climb a bit to enter. But, this one shows the design has taken that to heart, creating a sense of ease when getting in or out. This is an ideal vehicle if you need to transport college students or just plain going out with friends. Even more practical is its functional dual display with the steering wheel and 3 USB drives. Plus, it has a "regular" plug-in so you can curl your hair before meeting up with that hunk! 

Good luck and happy traveling!

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