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Best foods to eat while menstruatingIt's that time of the month when the red flag is flying and aunt Flow comes to town and you're feeling it.  The cramps, the bloating and the PMS, all very real symptoms of your monthly cycle. However, if you strive to prevent the pain that your monthly brings, try adding these foods to your diet. Not only will it improve symptoms of your period, it can aid your body during this fragile time.

Do Eat Complex Carbs

By eating complex carbohydrates while on your period, you can gain energy in an instant, as long as they come from whole grains and not refined wheat or flour. Complex carbs also aid in digestion since they contain fiber, something that's necessary if you're on your period. 

Coffee is King

If your insides feel like they have turned upside down and your eyes don't want to open, try reaching for a cup of coffee. Caffeine is an ingredient found in many menstrual medications and it can help ease cramps. 

Opt for an Extra Dose of Magnesium

Another nutrient that can help ease cramps is magnesium. It's found in foods like soy beans, dark chocolate and kale. It's also available in supplements and liquid form. Magnesium works well when you're on your period because it relaxes the nervous system and helps relieve constipation. 

Pineapple Please!

Another food that benefits any female in their period is pineapple. That's because pineapple is a fruit that is high in antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatory properties. Try adding it to fruit salad or smoothies to ease cramps.

Tea Time

Ingesting a cup of ginger tea can do wonders for your period. Just like pineapple, ginger contains many anti-inflammatory properties and can help relax muscle spasms. Chamomile is known to reduce muscle spasms and calm the nervous system.6. Staying hydrated

One of the best way to ease the physical tension associated with menstruating is by staying hydrated. Not only does drinking extra water while on your period help your body relax, it will replace the fluids that are lost. 


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