s any shoe loving fashionista knows, shoes can often make or break a look.

The feeling of having the perfect shoe to accompany your outfit is a wonderful one that everyone should experience- even kids. You can make sure your kids grow up to love and appreciate fantastic footwear by introducing them to fun and fab shoes when they're young.

Of course we are not suggesting  that you encourage your 10-year-old to rock a pair of sky high heels to her girl scout meeting.  Instead, we encourage show your kids how bright colored shoes can be the extra pop your outfit needs, and that stylish shoes can still be comfortable. To get your off on the right foot (pun intended) here are four best footwear brands to share with your kids. 

1. Nike


Nike Roshe One Fight Weight, $70 // Nike Air Max 90 Premium Mesh, $90

Kids who love color will love Nike's athletic shoes. Show them how to pair these bright kicks with both athletic and casual outfits, and point out how they pop out when paired with neutral looks. 

2. Vans


Vans Side Stripe Old Skool, $60 // Vans Kids Flamingo Authentic, $37 

Vans are known for giving off a classic cool 1970s skater vibe. For parents, these shoes are perfect for giving your kid a polished and on trend look. For kids, these shoes are perfect for kicking it in the classroom and comfortable for running those never ending errands and grocery trips with mom and dad. 

3. Sperry

kids-shoes-sperrys Sperry Kids Shoresider Canvas Sneaker, $39.95 // Sperry Kids Cruz Boat Shoe, $44.95

Sperry shoes are  perfect for any nautical boating adventures for parents i.e. cruising around in a boat at your friend's lake house.  They're also perfect for any summertime backyard adventures for kids. 

4. Converse kids-shoes-converse

Chuck Taylor Classic Color, $30-35 // Chuck Taylor Fresh Colors, $35

A pair of Chuck Taylors are a necessity in anyone's closet no matter their age. The canvas shoes are perfect for spring and fall looks which will make parents happy, and they can hold up after many miles of running around the park which will make kids happy. 

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