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 There’s nothing more special than having the family come together for good food, good games and good company!

If you’re planning out your next family game night, here are some awesome game ideas. If your house is full of teenagers, we’ve got a list of some more grown-up games that will keep their attention. If your kids are younger, our list of kid-friendly games is a blast for parents too! 

6 Fun Games for Kids 

Charades: Kids love getting up and acting out something fun. They’ve got a ton of energy to keep a fun game of charades going all night! 

Go Fish: This is an easy and enjoyable card game that kids of all ages are able to play and learn from.  

12850 boardgames girlDon’t Wake Daddy: Ah, a classic. The anticipation of watching that sleeping daddy on the board is a real nail-biter! 

Candy Land: While the game is more than 50 years old, the colorful cards and tempting treats never get old! Make family fun night more thematic here with some sweet and edible prizes!  

Twister: This game is an awesome way to let the silliness out at your house! Put on some good tunes as your family twists, turns and laughs. 

Chutes and Ladders: Have a blast racing through obstacles in this classic game! 

6 Fun Games For Teens 

12850 family games chessChess: If you’ve been teaching your son or daughter this strategy game over the years, it’s the perfect way to get in a little friendly competition! 

Clue: Your teenage detectives will love playing this classic mystery game. Was it Colonel Mustard this time? 

Apples to Apples: Time to put some creative thinking caps on.  This game is great for family night as it makes you think outside the box. 

Taboo: This fast-paced game entails your teen to get you to say the word on the card without actually saying it themselves or the five taboo words. 

Pictionary: Let their inner artist break-free in this artistic activity!

Scene It? Games: There are tons of versions available for TV, movies, decades and more including Harry Potter, the 80s, The Simpsons and more!

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