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16897 BestScaryMovies

It’s the only time of the year where freaking out is mandatory! And to properly get the best scares in during October, you need to check out these scary movies! You can obviously watch the classic scary movies like The Exorcist or Halloween, but try something new this Halloween season and watch one of these new movies from 2014 and 2015!


This movie certainly has some humor to it but if you really think of the concept and the disturbing idea behind Kevin Smith’s movie, it’s perfect for spooking anyone! A man kidnaps a younger guy and surgically turns him into a walrus and treats him like a pet. If you’ve seen The Human Centipede, you’ll undoubtedly love this flick too! 

The Babadook

Turn on Netflix and grab the popcorn because this movie is a hit! It’s certainly one of the more terrifying films out there. The horror stems from a young boy who constantly has nightmares about a chilling creature and then a creepy children’s book lands on the family’s doorstep. The boy starts to become difficult to deal with, discipline and even violent. A must watch! 

The Green Inferno

This movie isn’t the type of ghost movie to make you jump in fear but it will certainly make you cringe. It’s an unsettling story about a cannibalistic tribe in the Amazon. It’s graphic and horrifying. 

It Follows

This was a weird one but that’s what made it so good. After a sexual encounter, a supernatural force follows a woman. This flick was in theaters and if you missed it, it’s time to rent it! 

The Taking of Deborah Logan

There are hundreds of films about possession available for viewing but this is one of the better ones. It centers on a woman who has Alzheimer’s but her daughter starts to suspect something else is at play. 


This mainstream film features unsettling jumps and turns. It sounds silly, as a brother and sister attempt to destroy an evil mirror that may have killed their mother, but this film really does deliver. 

Willow Creek

It’s a cross between The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity. It offers some scary moments and anytime you’re out camping at night alone, it’s just terrifying. 

The Visit

This movie will have you spookin’ long after it ends! And it’s got a great twist at the end you will not see coming. Two young kids go to their grandparent’s house for a weeklong visit but there are lots of creepy occurrences that will leave you on the edge! 


There’s something about a creepy doll that just gets to you! And after a creepy old doll winds up in a couple’s home, they start to experience disturbing supernatural occurrences. 

Deliver Us From Evil

What we love about this movie is that it’s not your typical, boring possession movie. A New York policeman joins forces with a priest to investigate a slew of possessions that seem to be threatening their city. 

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