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A new year is a great excuse to make changes in your life. Edit your wardrobe, make a resolution to eat healthier and even refresh your look. Here are a few makeup must-haves for the new year that are sure to keep you feeling your best.

Orange Lipstick


This one might sound a little off-the-wall, but there is an orange that works for most skin tones. For pale to medium skin, try a peach color for a subtler look or a brighter, more opaque orange to make a bolder statement. Medium to dark skin can try opaque shades and colors closer to tangerine. Darker skin tones look best with more autumnal oranges, try burnt sienna for a toned-down look or a fluorescent orange if you really want to stand out.

Pastel Lids


On the spring fashion runways, pastel lids could be seen everywhere. Some went so far as to glue strips of fabric to their models’ eyelids – we don’t recommend such a drastic measure. Instead try finding a thick pastel eyeliner pencil or powder that you are attracted to. A pale blue works well with most skin tones, or try a simple white for a more mod look. Keep the color along the lash line for a more minimal look. If you want to go big, cover most of the lid or make a dramatic cat-eye.

Golden Eyes


You can create a soft, golden eye effect a number of ways, depending on whether you’re headed to work or to a party. A soft golden powder both under and above the lid looks great for an evening out. If you don’t want to be quite as dramatic, try a golden or sparkly metallic liner for above the lid. The look creates a soft, dreamy effect and looks great on anyone. Add a gold-toned blush or bronzer for a complete, 70s-inspired face.

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