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best-morning-routine-for-school-kids lgPrioritize Morning Time for a Successful Start to the School Day!

Avoiding the morning rush to school may sound easy, but it's actually something that needs to be learned. Help your family learn to be more efficient and more relaxed and ready for their day. By using time in the morning more efficiently, you will be surprised at how smooth school mornings can go and just how relaxed the day can begin. And the fact that everyone leaves the house happy is an added bonus.

Planning Back to School Morning Schedules

Morning stress can be avoided with a little preplanning. Preplanning will not only save time and stress, but your children will be ready on time to catch the bus without having to run. When time is short and everyone is hurrying in different directions, the stress level does nothing but rise. Ever have those mornings where you as the parent feel like you were pulled in a thousand different directions? This happens in many households and can be easily avoided.

Checklist for a More Productive Morning

Here are a few tips for how to avoid morning rush to school:

  • Lay school clothes out the night before
  • Have an organized bathroom routine for each child
  • Have backpacks ready to go the night before. This is not just remembering where the backpacks are. Children will stress in the morning if they cannot find that permission slip or the library book that is due
  • Take showers the night before
  • Put shoes with clothes so that the left shoe is not under the sofa or bed (we've all been there)
  • Preset the table for breakfast
  • Preset coffeemaker (for you of course!)
  • Have your bag packed and know where the automobile keys are
  • Make school lunches the night before

For those who like to be the early risers in the family, give them special duties and be sure to reward them. Early risers can be the ones to pack the lunches into the backpacks. If Fido needs to be fed, this can be done before the rest of the family is ready to go. 

Avoid the Morning Rush and Stress

A special note to moms: when setting morning routines and priorities, be sure to include yourself. As moms, we tend to make sure that everyone is taken care of and looks great before they head out the door. But, as we well know, we tend to forget ourselves at times.

As the family heads out the door and all are in good spirits and relaxed, the rest of the day will follow in the same note. When back at home in the evening, the family can discuss ways to better the morning routine.

By including everyone in the planning (even the little tots), everyone will be happy to help out. Many adults would be surprised at just how helpful a five-year old can be when they put their minds to it. And when there is less stress, there is less bickering as well as extra time to be spent as a family.

When children stress, we stress, and by teaching time management to our kids we are not only doing ourselves a favor, but we are also teaching them a great skill.

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