iStock 000018370260SmallCurly hair can get wild- these natural products are designed to tame your mane!

There's tons of products in the store designed to calm the frizz and censor the waves of curly hair. But those products can also be expensive and full of chemicals. If you think your hair needs a a little improvement, try looking in your kitchen for a recipe to do the trick. Often times, natural products are cheaper and more effective than the products found in stores.


iStock 000031442908XSmallUsing Coconut Oil To Restore The Moisture
If you live in an extremely hot, cold or dry environment try moisturizing your hair with coconut oil once a week. Moist hair will look shiny and sleek, not brittle and frizzy. To do so, take a hot shower and a small amount of coconut oil. Massage the oil into the hair starting with the scalp. Repeat this process for a few weeks and your hair will feel better and look stronger.

Hydrating Hair With Honey
It's a little known fact that hydrating your hair with honey is possible. However, make sure you add a tea spoon of olive oil for ever ¼ of honey that you use. Prior to applying the serum, mix the oil and honey for twenty seconds in a plastic jar. When applying the mixture, let sit for twenty minutes and wash off with warm water.

Styling With Salt
Applying salt to your hair can give that extra boost of volume while providing a hint of texture. However, too much salt can reduce the moisture in your hair. If you wish to add some texture, create a mixture of a table spoon salt and a cup of water. Add the combination to a spray bottle and style accordingly.

Brown Sugar and Lemon ScrubBy combining brown sugar and lemon, your hair will become a your hair will become shiny as well as disinfected. The brown sugar also works to exfoliate your scalp which can reduce dryness and flakes. In order to combine the two, add a tablespoon of coconut oil and stir in a blow. If you have left-overs, add the serum to your face and scrub in a circular motion. Wash away the ingredients with warm water.

The best thing to do for your hair is revitalize it with plenty of water and an excess of fruits and vegetables. Often times, the most notable nutritional deficiencies can be spotted in quality of your hair If it's been thinning or falling out, double check your diet.


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