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Pastel colors aren’t just great options for Easter Sunday dresses anymore. A pastel lip is always sexy and eye-catching, so try some of these pastel lip shades this spring if you’re ready to go bold! Remember that with pastel hues, you have to be careful about how you apply them, and be sure to match the lipstick to your skin tone and your eye makeup.

Before applying, make sure that your lips are hydrated and smooth since pastel hues can bring out any imperfections. Use a lip scrub to remove dead, flaky skin and apply a moisturizing lip balm treatment. Pastel lips actually look great with minimal pastel eye makeup or just a simple cat eye. Play around or look online to find the best look for you. Be sure to finish off with some rosy cheeks! 

Bubblegum Pink

Emma Stone 2

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Start off with a little concealer on your lips so the color looks the same on you as it does in the tube. Bubblegum pink is a perfect Emma Stone look that pairs nicely with a cat eye and minimal eye shadow! 

Mint Green


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See if you can find a lip liner that matches your mint green color, or just apply it using it a lip brush. This is one masterpiece you’ll want to stay in the lines for! 


Purple Lipstick

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This would be fun color choice for a night out so you can be creative with matching your lips to your eyes or wardrobe choices. Overnight, use a moisturizing lip treatment so you can be sure your lips are prepped for a pastel shade.


Rihanna Blue Lipstick

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If you have the guts for it, a pastel blue can actually look pretty trendy when applied right. If you’re unsure, try applying it over your existing colors of lipsticks to see what sort of shade you can come up with. 

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