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 he small screen has been graced with the faces of countless Commander in Chiefs. Comedies and dramas of all types have sent out casting calls for Presidents of the United States, but only a few have been worthy of truly leading the country.

No president is perfect and the characters below are no exception. Despite their human flaws, here are the TV presidents we'd pledge allegiance to.

Selina Meyer 

She may not be television's most effective POTUS, but Selina Meyer from Veep and her lovable cast of cutthroat campaign officials have dodged enough high-profile scandals to prove she's worthy of the high office. 

Barack Obama and Luther

While Barack Obama may be a polarizing figure, Key & Peele's Obama, along with his anger translator Luther, give us straightforward answers that are so hard to find among politicians. The brutal honesty Luther brings to the table shows us what we're missing in today's politics, and we'd be happy to see this duo run the country.

Allison Taylor

Of the nine presidents that occupied the White House in TV series 24's nine season run, President Allison Taylor has our vote. The tough but idealistic president was the exact leader troubled America needed when Jack Bauer could only provide mayhem and explosions. 

President Richard Nixon's Head

While Richard Nixon may not be considered the country's best real life president, his well preserved head provided hours of entertainment as the Commander in Chief on the hit sci-fi cartoon Futurama. His rough-around-the-edges leadership style staved off planetary doom and alien invasions countless times throughout the series. Not bad for someone without a body!

Frank Underwood

There's that age-old, ugly stereotype that everyone in Washington is conniving, manipulative, and vengeful. So why not vote for the man who's best at the game? Frank Underwood from House of Cards may not be the most moral president to grace the small screen, but there's no denying he can get the job done. 

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