best_synthetic_hair_extensionHair Extensions that Look Like the Real Thing

The best synthetic hair extensions do not need to be made of real hair to look like the real thing.  Beautiful hair extensions made of synthetic fibers can easily rival real hair extensions.  It's all about the upkeep and styling.  Just follow these simple tips to make your synthetic hair extensions look better and last longer.

The best synthetic hair extensions that look like the real thing can be beautiful hair extensions made of synthetic fibers with easy to apply clip-ons.

How to Choose the Best Hair Extentions for You

Choosing the best synthetic hair extensions for your needs begins with finding quality synthetic hair made of toyokalon, kanekalon and modoacrylic plastic fibers.  These will look the most realistic.  The brand of hair extensions you choose should be the one that looks the most authentic.  It will be important to match your hair color as closely as possible or if you want highlights, match your hair color and then choose a shade of two variations from there.  For example, if you have black hair, choosing blond extensions will not look realistic.  If you have black hair and dye your hair in blond streaks it will not look like real hair even though it is.

Ways to make synthetic hair extensions look like the real thing and last.

Synthetic fibers tend to have an unnatural shine that will make them look ‘fake’.  If this is the case you can remove the unnatural shine by applying some baby powder to the hair fibers and working it through the extensions.  The key here is to be careful not to apply too much powder or it will make the hair look dull and dirty.  If you would prefer, you can remove the shine by gently washing the extensions in some water and a little fabric softener.  This will rid the hair fibers of the shiny plastic look.

How to use hair extensions.

It used to be that only celebrities used hair extensions but now it is as common as having your hair colored or styled.  Even though most celebrities use human hair extensions, the synthetic extensions are just as beautiful and cost about a quarter of what the human hair ones cost.  Usually the human hair extensions are glued strand by strand using heat to bond the pre-tipped hair strands or the Fastfusion method which is bonding the hair strands using air pressure.  If you have no desire to have hair glued to your own hair then there is another method of applying extensions.

Clip-ons can be used to attach the hair pieces so you can use the hair pieces temporarily and see if it is something you want to make more permanent with glue.  Using the clip-on method is so much easier you can do it yourself.  This type of application is much more economical than having professional glue in extensions.  You can clip each strand to your own hair by keeping top layers of your hair away from the place you clip-on just below the crown of your hair.   

Clip-on extensions can be removed after only using them one time and then re-applied again.  This makes them comparable to wearing ribbons in your hair or wearing an up-do.  These are not things you would want to wear every day but are wonderful to change your look for special occasions or just to spice things up a bit.  The clip-on hair extensions are versatile and make good sense to most people.

How to Care for Your Synthetic Hair Extensions

When washing your hair with the synthetic extensions in place you will need to use a very gentle shampoo instead of your normal brand.  Keep your hair from getting tangled by keeping it combed through and of course be very gentle while removing any tangles.

Finding the best synthetic hair extensions for you may take some shopping around and choosing the most realistic looking hair extension product.  Using the clip-on style should be a fun way to experiment with different looks and see firsthand if you enjoy using extensions for your hair.

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