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raveling is much easier today than it was only a decade ago. Thanks to our smartphones and tablets, we can do some pretty amazing things when we find ourselves far from home. From safety, convenience, to pure fun and entertainment, there are a ton of helpful apps that can make your vacation the best one yet. 


Sunscreen imgNothing ruins a good vacation like sunburn. A relaxing day at the beach can quickly turn into a painful ordeal without the proper attention. Sunscreen is an app that keeps you uncooked by detecting the local UV levels and alerting you when it is time to reapply sun tan lotion.



Travel Safe

TravelSafe imgEveryone in the U.S. knows to dial 911 in an emergency, but your travel destination likely has a different emergency number. The helpful app Travel Safe solves this problem by providing a list of emergency numbers based on your location. The app also lets you manually set your location if WiFi is not available, as well as load your own emergency contacts. 



photogram imgWhile you can certainly find postcards in souvenir shops all over the country, modern technology allows us to put a new spin on this old tradition. An app called Postagram lets you take your own photos and send them to people as physical postcards. The best part is that Postagram will do all the mailing for you. Simply snap, customize, and send!



Foodspotting imgThe next time you're exploring a new city and get hit with a big time crave, remember this helpful app. There are a ton of applications that review restaurants but Foodspotting is the only one that lets you find and rate specific food items. You can browse photos and read reviews of virtually any dish you could ask for. 



Musement imgThis is your guide to city-wide entertainment. Musement provides an in depth look at the best experiences around town and lets you purchase tickets or make reservations right there on the app.




hostelworld imgEconomically minded travelers would benefit from this app, which lets you explore the world's hostel options in one place. Every major city has cheap rooms to offer and now you can search them by rates, quality, and even atmosphere. Go easy on your wallet for your next vacay and download Hostelworld.

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