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best-vacations-for-pregnant-womenWhat is a Babymoon?

Everyone woman dreams about her honeymoon, but not many put any thought into a “babymoon.” What is a babymoon? It’s a special trip a couple takes before giving birth to a child. In essence, you’re taking one last break before all the craziness that comes with a new baby. Babymoons are a growing trend, and vacation destinations around the globe are vying for the honor of being considered one of the best vacations for pregnant women.

Babymoon Destinations

If you’ve decided that a babymoon is right for you, keep a few things in mind. Not all destinations are a good idea for pregnant women. Avoid third world countries or any place that requires lengthy travel times by plane or car. While exercise is great for pregnant women active vacations like ski resorts or fitness spas are not always a good idea. Theme parks are another no-no since most physicians advise against thrill rides for pregnant women.

As important as knowing where to go is knowing when to go on vacation while pregnant. Most doctors agree that the second trimester is the ideal time since the majority of pregnancy complications occur in the first and third trimesters. This is also the time when most expectant mothers feel the best with morning sickness behind them and the discomfort of a large belly still to come.

Best Vacations for Moms to Be

The following options are great for babymoons because they offer perks that appeal to pregnant women and are guaranteed to provide plenty of relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Cruises: Sailing the open sea is an excellent choice for expectant mothers. Food is usually available 24-7 in case mommy needs a snack. On-board amenities like pools, gyms and walking tracks ensure that there is plenty of pregnancy safe exercise, and medical staff are always on hand in case of emergencies. Be careful in port to only drink bottled water and eat well-cooked food. Hot tubs and saunas are also off limits.
  • Spas: Consider a Southwest Spa vacation for your babymoon, especially if you plan to take it during the winter time. Mild temperatures ensure a comfortable trip for mom, and spa cuisine is generally healthy and nutritious. Most of these resorts have extensive pool complexes perfect for soothing soaks as well as spa services tailored to the specific needs of a pregnant woman. Traveling domestically also means you’ll have easy access to familiar health care. Once again, avoid hot tubs, saunas and steam rooms. Weight-loss spas are also a bad idea while pregnant.
  • All-Inclusive Resorts: Often found in Mexico and the Caribbean, all-inclusive resorts are also in your own backyard. Since traveling out of country isn’t the best idea, look for a domestic resort within a few hours’ drive or plane ride. Options include coastal towns, mountain getaways, dude ranches (opt to ride in a wagon instead of on horseback), and even big city areas like New York, Chicago and Las Vegas. All inclusive are a good idea because food is almost always available, and many of the stresses associated with traveling are taken care of. Just be sure to abstain from alcohol and avoid areas where people are smoking.
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