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5 Best Ways To Keep Kids From Crying

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  • How to Control the Temper-Tantrum

    How to Control the Temper-Tantrum

    Talking to your baby is key when avoiding temper-tantrums. If you have trouble with this, try bending down on your knees, so you are eye-level with them. This helps them understand you are trying to reason with their problem and not overpower.

  • How to Control Impatience

    How to Control Impatience

    Bring along a sweet or healthy treat to the grocery store if you know you have a long shopping list. Something as simple as a banana can help distract them while you shop. If it's a long shopping list and their patience is running thin by the end, try bringing along a coloring book or their favorite toy.

  • How to Control the Newborn Cry

    How to Control the Newborn Cry

    Keep baby close to your heart in a sling-carrier. The beating sound is soothing for them and can help block out other noises that might awake them during their slumber.

  • How to Control Crying Due to Teething

    How to Control Crying Due to Teething

    Wet a clean dishcloth and let baby chew for relief. If the teething process is worse than normal, we recommend putting a baby bottle with some water in the freezer upside down, so that the tip of the bottle fills with frozen water. The cold feeling will help their inflamed gums.

  • How to Comfort the Irritated Cry

    How to Comfort the Irritated Cry

    Irritated.  Sometimes they aren’t digesting food very well, but don’t understand why their stomach hurts. Try a probiotic drink to see if this helps improve their mood. Probiotics are a great way to help receive the healthy side of bacteria, so they can process food without getting fussy.

new-baby-feetDoes my baby just need to cry sometimes?

Taking care of an infant is a constant work in progress. It can be the most rewarding experience of your life and also the biggest challenge. Babies need support more than a full time night and day service. Some babies can have a hard time finding their own rhythm until they are well into their toddler years. With that said, do you know when to calm a baby and when to let him settle down on his own?

Why is Your Baby Fussing So Much?

Before you jump to conclusions and become very emotional, thinking you have a stressed out baby, look at all of the signs first.

If your baby is only upset during the evenings, then you may have a problem sleeper on your hands. Some infants are just not happy at night.

They can be afraid of the dark, suffer from hunger or loneliness and even just cry as they want your companionship. Try to detect what type of cry your baby is providing at night and determine the reasoning afterward.

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