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Better Gift Exchange Ideas

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better_gift_exchange_ideasGift Exchanges Everyone Can Love

Have you ever found yourself wondering when the holidays became more about presents than about family? While giving gifts often comes from a genuine desire to show love and generosity towards others, it can also become a chore as more and more names are added to the annual holiday gift exchange list. Make this year different by using one of our better gift exchange ideas.


The No-Worry Gift List for Happy Exchanges

There is a lot of pressure attached to holiday gift giving. How can you recognize each person individually without running out of ideas? How can you be sure to get something that people will like? How will you pay for it all? If you find yourself overwhelmed with questions like these, it’s time to simplify the holiday season and get back to the roots of what the season is all about: family, love, and gratitude. Meet with the family and propose some of these better gift exchange ideas.

Inexpensive Gift Exchange

It’s common to put a price limit on gift exchanges, but what about drastically lowering the upper range? Could your family do gifts for $10, $5, or even $1? For a laugh-out-loud gathering, limit everyone to picking out one item at a local dollar store. Gifts should be as silly or outrageous as possible. The memories and laughter generated by the experiment will be far more valuable than anything bought at a store.

You could also suggest a gift-exchange of homemade items. Some people might balk at the idea because they aren’t “crafty,” but encourage non-traditional gifts like a hour of computer repair, baby sitting, a plate of cookies, or an oil change. In a sense, you’ll be exchanging talents instead of objects, and this allows everyone to feel valuable.

Charitable Gift Exchange

If you don’t want to put a limit on how much people can spend, but still want to encourage the holiday spirit, try a charitable gift exchange. Everyone chooses his or her favorite charity and makes a donation in the name of the person they are “giving” to. At the party, each person can bring a brochure or website address of the chosen charity for his or her recipient. In this way, everyone makes a contribution towards something worthwhile while learning about other causes that are meaningful.

Another charitable gift exchange idea is to participate in a local program such as “Sub for Santa,” where an individual family is adopted for the holiday. Instead of giving gifts to each other, participants purchases things the family needs such as food, linens, clothes, and toys and delivers them to the family in secret. This is a great way to teach older children and teens about the true spirit of the season.

Gift Card Exchange

If a traditional gift exchange is essential to your family or group, try and simplify things by using a gift card exchange. Each person requests a gift card from a preferred store or restaurant. With this exchange, you know that everyone will get exactly what they want and givers will be saved the stress of trying to pick something out on their own.

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