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Is Your Job Killing You?

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sitting at the officeIs your job killing you at the office? With the average office worker sitting for six hours or more per day, there is already a bad habit growing across the country that can contribute to risks of metabolic syndrome, heart attack and stroke. Those who sit a great deal also have lower life expectancies, larger bottoms and slower metabolisms. 

Is Your JobKilling You- 1And with back pain being the leading cause of missed days at work, these are a few things to think about when working from your desk at the office or at home. 

Here are 6 things you can do to keep your body happy and healthy!

  • Make sure your seat height is high enough to keep your hips a bit higher than your knees.
  • Don't cross your legs, cross your ankles! If you must, cross the opposite leg that feels most comfortable.
  • Keep your elbows slighter higher than the keyboard for proper wrist alignment.
  • Angle your screen slightly upward to keep your head from leaning forward.
  • Sit tall in your chair and avoid leaning back into the seat.
  • Stand up at least once per hour and take a few minutes to stretch or walk around the office.  
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