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Beyonce Knowles Dress Size

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beyonce-knowles-dress-sizeWhat's all the Buzz about Beyonce's Dress Size?

Search engines reported that nearly 300-400 people search for information on Beyonce Knowles' dress size daily.  That's a pretty amazing number of information searches on a particular celebrity. So why was Beyonce's dress size so important? Well with a little investigative work; it was discovered that Beyonce Knowles' dress size was so important because people wanted to know how tall Beyonce really is.

Why is Beyonce Knowles's Size So Important?

For over a decade Beyonce Knowles has gracefully embraced her fame in being a prominent solo songstress and former lead vocalist for the popular 1990s group "Destiny's Child ", which originally made her a popular entertainer.  Even today her solo career, which kicked off nearly 9 years ago, has given her a reign of success as a singer and actress.

Of course with all the success and entertainment exposure Beyonce Knowles received  over the years, one would expect fans to look up interesting facts about her, since it's customary for fans to want to know as much about their favorite celebrity as possible.

But here's where it get's interesting in terms of what type of knowledge a fan may want and why.  With a 12 year data base of information about Beyonce Knowles, there are loads of facts about her and her rise and reign of stardom which can be found in any and all of the U.S. popular media outlets.

With all the information that can be found, fans can get a clearer picture of their favorite actress/singer.  However there is one fact about Beyonce that left fans so perplexed and determined to find out that over 282 people decided to look up Beyonce Knowles dress size every day.

How Tall is Beyonce Knowles?

While the actual question of Beyonce's dress sizeis not a strange request in and of itself considering her remarkably feminine  physique, the request for her dress size didn't have anything to do with her weight as most people would think.  Instead the reason for the demand for information was that nearly 300 people searched daily to learn her height.

That's right no one knew Beyonce Knowles true height.  And since Beyonce often performs and appears in public in very high heels, fans thought she was much taller.  Reports of Beyonce in public walking with her husband producer, fashion designer and Rap entertainer Jay Z had many people confused since she appeared to stand only a few inches shorter than her husband, who is reported at 6'1".

Other photos however showed her standing next to other much shorter (under 6 feet) entertainers and media personalities and appearing to be only slightly taller or even shorter, which had fans in a quandary.  So much so that someone came up with the bright idea to find out her dress size in order to find out how tall she is.  Talk about getting around a question.  Why not search for information that says how tall Beyonce is instead of what is Beyonce Knowles dress size, it just seems ridiculous to go about it in that way.

Strangely enough, there was only one media publication that actually disclosed Beyonce's true height and that was a feature article on Beyonce Knowles in Essence Magazine.   So now we know what all the buzz was about and why Beyonce Knowles dress size was so important to her fans.

At 5'3"  and tipping the scales at 117 Beyonce wears a designer size 6 Petite!

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