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This is not a good sign…

Beyoncé reportedly has been meeting with financial advisors regarding the future of her assets. If there's a billion dollars on the line (in an elevator or not), there's something to worry about for a big power couple. Reported by E! News, a source said that Beyoncé has been having solo meetings this week. 

Although this news screams divorce to the average Joe, it’s possible that Beyoncé is meeting with financial advisors simply because of her monetary stature and the performer could have been organizing assets just to be safe.

Between her and Jay, their earnings are growing enormously. According to Zack Greenburg, senior editor at Forbes, "Combined they are rapidly approaching the billion dollar mark."

Whoa! Well it sounds like making almost a billion dollars causes motive to meet with a financial advisor, but it still doesn’t help squash those split rumors we hate hearing about.

After performing her and Jay’s joint "On The Run" tour this past weekend in LA, Beyoncé went on to release her hit remix "Flawless" featuring Nicki Minaj. The song addressed the elevator incident from the Met Gala in the lyrics, "We escalate up in this b---h like elevators. Of course sometimes sh-t go down when it’s a billion dollars on the elevator."

This weekend, Beyoncé was staying with her old friend Gwyneth Paltrow in Brentwood, California and posted photos of her time at the stylish abode on Instagram. The two have been friends for years and Paltrow has even said that her two children refer to Jay Z as "Uncle Jay." 

Sources have suggested that she and Jay Z avoid each other as much as possible when they’re not performing. Reports suggest the couple will be announcing their split once their tour concludes on September 13, but we are holding onto the hope that this is all rumor... and Bey and Jay will continue being our favorite Hollywood power couple.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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