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Just when you’re thinking, "Hey, I haven’t heard any Beyoncé news in a few days," two of her new songs leak and instead of getting mad, she releases a music video for one of them.

Queen Bey’s video for her single "7/11" has been completely dominating the Internet and social media. And we're currently trying to learn all those booty-poppin' dance moves... 

With the home movie aesthetic, Beyoncé wore her most casual outfit to perform and record the fun and fast video. Fans are loving it because they can tell the singer is genuinely having a good time kicking back and keeping it real. We love you Bey!

The track "7/11" leaked along with another single "Ring Off," which supposedly alludes to marriage troubles with Jay. However, upon closer listening, the song is directed toward Bey's mom and dad's marriage. 

And can we just say, we're over all these divorce rumors.They're a thing of the past for this power couple who continually proves that they’re together. 

In our opinion, the best scenes from the music video include Beyoncé and her girls having a youthful moment drinking out of red solo cups and moving through the night.

Most importantly, Beyoncé’s derriere is looking exceptionally booty-ful. She pops it, rolls, shakes it, and shows it off for her fans who love the curvy and gorgeous singer for exactly who she is.

Thanks Bey for the early holiday gift!

Photo Credit: YouTube

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