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Beyoncé turned to Instagram to make a statement.

Beyoncé and Jay Z fans can rest easy for now. With split rumors swirling around the power couple, Queen Bey silenced the haters via an Instagram post yesterday. While sometimes it’s difficult to find similarities between Beyoncé and ourselves, we do all share the same favorite color – the hue of Jay Z Blue.

Fans have been in complete panic over the last week from reports that Beyoncé is putting up a front for the sake of their joint “On The Run” tour and that the songstress will soon be leaving her rapper husband of six years. Yesterday, Bey posted an Instagram of Jay holding Blue on the beach with the caption, “My favorite hue is JayZ Blue” – a tactic used before by Beyoncé to put rumors to rest like when she posted pictures with Solange days after news broke of the infamous elevator scuffle.

Most recently, reports have suggested that Beyoncé is apartment hunting in NYC and plans on moving out of their shared apartment once their summer tour is over.

A source from Page Six was quoted saying their relationship is all business, which is why the split would be held off until the tour is complete - a tour that is predicted to gross over $100 million.

"Business is always part of the equation. They know they’re the kind and queen of hip-hop – and really, all of music. Neither wants to lose that," enclosed the source.

But the show must go on. Jay Z and Beyoncé are going on stage tonight in Seattle Washington. They were in Chicago last week where fans described their performance as full of chemistry with no signs of tension or distance.

The split rumors will continue, but in the meantime, we find more comfort in scrolling through Bey’s Instagram – a source of hope for fans who Beyoncé refers to as her ‘Beyhive.’

Photo Credit: Instagram

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