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beyonce-shares-photo-of-herself-as-rosie-the-riveter-headerBeyoncé posts a girl-power Instagram posing as Rosie the Riveter

Who run the world…Girls! Hard to believe, but before Beyoncé, there were other female influencers for girls to look up to including one of America’s favorites, Rosie the Riveter. Beyoncé posted a feministic Instagram this morning paying tribute to the traditional American poster from World War II.


The post features Beyoncé posing like Rosie and wearing a red banana and denim button up. And of course, the slogan “We Can Do It!” incites inspiration. The singer's sultry stare instills that sting of women power that is ever-present in Queen Bey’s persona.

There has been some backlash on the posted photo though. Beyoncé has described herself as a "modern day feminist" and posting this photo is an obvious tribute to that. However, critics of the post note that Rosie was a symbol that encouraged women to take up jobs in factories while men went off to wear overseas, thus showing their patriotic duty during the war. 

The photo, designed by J. Howard Miller, has been used again and again as a symbol of female empowerment. However, the same women who were motivated by this poster were paid nearly half than their male colleagues and were eventually fired when men came back from the war.

Some wonder if Rosie is a modern symbol of what a hardworking woman is...or if we need to find a new one. Is Beyoncé it? Or someone else?

Well, as we ponder this...Mrs. Carter is currently on her “On The Run” tour with hubby Jay Z. Their most recent stop was in Beyoncé’s hometown of Houston. While the two weren’t performing, they spent some time at the roller rink Fun Plex Entertainment, a favorite spot from Beyoncé’s younger years.

Onlookers acknowledged how happy the couple looked. “They ate, they danced, they skated.”

We’re sure that the remaining shows on the summer tour will be filled with more women-power, run the world, inspiration.


Photo Credit: Instagram




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