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beyonce-sings-world-tourSee how one song gave Beyoncé’s fan everything she ever wanted in life.

Taylon was diagnosed with a brain tumor that doctors aren't able to operate on. When she was asked what her one wish in life was, Taylon wanted nothing more than to be next to Beyoncé’s stage, dancing and singing right beside the star. Make A Wish Foundation granted this opportunity for her  to attend the Las Vegas show to see Beyoncé’s world tour.

While Taylon couldn’t have been happier to see her role model, what really made the show was when Beyoncé came down from the top of the arena, nearly sweeping through the air, right before Taylon. Of course, Taylon’s eyes welled-up with excitement and shock that Beyoncé was right in front of her all of a sudden.

Taylon and Beyoncé were serenading together for quite some time, trading off the microphone over the song “Love on Top”, but what really made Taylon’s dream come true was when Beyoncé started singing “Survivor.”

Watch this powerful and tear-jerking video of how Queen Beyoncé helped make a life dream come true for Taylon.

 Photo Credit: PR Photos

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