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big-texas-heat-challenged-by-steve-harveyThis week starts the biggest weight loss challenge ever on Steve Harvey TV! 

Two reality TV stars from "Big Texas Heat," Cheif Steven Jones (AKA the Boss) and his Deputy Donald Givens (Big Sexy), take on the challenge of losing 60 pounds in 60 days. Steve brought in nutritionist Keri Glassman and myself, a Fitness Expert, to help these big boys get on a weight loss program and stick to it.

If the guys lose the weight in the next 60 days, Steve Harvey himself will come down to Trinity Texas and weigh in on the success. Steve says he will shake hands with people in the town and visit the schools personally to thank these guys for setting a good example.

These big guys are no softies. The Boss and Big Sexy are featured on the reality CMT show "Big Texas Heat."  This new program shows how these Texas law enforcer are doing their jobs and keeping the town of Trinity, TX safe and happy. The Mayor was the first to notice their large waistlines after the Boss stepped on a community member's front step and found the weak spot. He personally asked them to start on a health and fitness program, but I'm sure he didn't think it would come to this level. 

Texas Heat" Fitness Expert

As the designated fitness expert, I'm excited to be helping them STEP in the right direction. With a pedometer from S2H.com STEP and Nike Fuel Band, I  know these tools will keep them on track with their walking program. I've asked them to complete 2 hours of walking each day as well as ten minutes of strength work every other day. They will be following my Naked Fitness program, an online program from FitStudio.com with daily emails, motivational tips and exercise guidelines. I'm planning on helping them stay on track every step of the way!

Check out their facebook pages and cheer them on as well!

Texas Heat" Nutritionist

Nutritionist, Keri Glassman is providing meals from her "Nutritious Life" plan and talking to both of them daily.  Sometimes, the hardest part is learning how to eat after a lifetime of being a large-sized person. Her goal is to teach them portion size, healthy meals by sharing recipes with their wive's and connecting with them daily.

Please join us to Hangout with the entire group on Thursdays weekly on Google Hangouts at 9am CST. Check out the Steve Harvey TV facebook page to follow as well as our own Womensforum network. Steve Harvey is doing some great work with his new midday talk show and making a difference for these two larger than life reality TV stars.

Cheif Jones "The Boss" is weighing in at 451.8. His Deputy Donald Givens "Big Sexy" is weighing in at 406.  This is not only a competition but a great experience for people to learn that even during the holidays, you can still drop the pounds.

For more on this challenge, check out Andrea Metcalf.

Photo Credit: CMT  

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