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England was dealt a devastating loss at the Women’s World Cup semifinal against Japan when Laura Bassett inadvertently kicked the ball into her own goal, but Bassett shouldn’t feel too bad about her contribution to Japan’s 2-1 victory. Sports history is full of poor decisions that have left fans scratching their heads, asking what "were they thinking." You aren’t alone. Laura Basset and our list of all time sports fails are here to prove it.

1. 50 Cent Meets the Mets

50 Cent was probably grateful for the stadium’s empty seats when he botched the game’s first pitch back in 2014. Unfortunately, the video went viral and was seen by enough people to fill every MLB stadium to capacity.

2. The Thanksgiving Butt Fumble

Fans of the New York Jets were pretty ungrateful for their quarterback when he lost control of the ball by running directly into the backside of his teammate. The now infamous "butt fumble" ensured a loss for the Jets and earned Mark Sanchez a place in sports fail history.

3. Teamwork Fail

Every once in a while, the incompetence of two teams will collide to create a symphony of failure in which the only true losers are the fans. This series of consecutive fails from a 2010 soccer match between Qatar and Uzbekistan is too perfect to describe. We’ll let the video speak for itself.

4. Bruce Lee Bowen

Jump-front-kicks are nowhere to be found in the NBA rulebook, but that didn’t stop Bruce Bowen from trying the tactic in this game back in 2002, forever labeling himself as one of the dirtiest players in NBA history.

5. Down Goes Shaq

So maybe this wasn’t technically during a game, but the moment definitely gave us one of the best sports "commentary" fails of all time. Shaq’s fall went viral before he hit the ground and reminded us why were so glad he’s still in the public eye.

6. Skycam Fail

This one shows that it’s not only players that can mess up a game. When this rogue camera fell from its zip line, it almost took out one of Iowa’s players before pathetically, and hilariously, dragging itself off the field.

7. Off the Head Homer

It was almost a great save but quickly turned into one of baseball’s biggest blunders. The ball never touched the ground, so by bouncing off the head of Jose Conseco and into the stands, it’s technically one of the game’s goofiest home runs.

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