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birth_control_for_menGround Breaking Birth Control for Men
In 3 years or less you may have to remind your man to take his birth control! In contrast to the wide range of contraceptives for women, men only have the narrow choice between condoms or a vasectomy. No more, now that researchers have been working for more than 20 years to find a way to temporarily halt sperm production at will by an injection, in other words a birth control shot for men.

Honey, It's Time for You To Go and Get Your Shot!

The safety and reliability of the male birth control injection will be put to the test by the World Health Organization (WHO) on fifty different couples. The head of the study, Professor Michael Zitzmann gave an interview recently from Munster, Germany and said that the safety and effectiveness of the birth control shot for men, had already been determined in previous tests to be about the same as a vasectomy (dissection of the spermatic duct).

How does the new male contraceptive work? The birth control shot for men contains the hormone testosterone. The extra testosterone in the injection causes the testicles to stop producing testosterone themselves since the body thinks that there is plenty of testosterone already in the blood. This would put the sperm production on hold and prevent pregnancy in any woman he might have ejaculative sex with.

Side Effects of Women's Contraceptives Led to Further Research

This new male contraceptive could be a positive step forward for man!  Many men want to take the burden of constantly having to take hormones off of their women since hormones can have varied negative effects on a woman’s mood, sex-drive and energy level to name just a few.

Many women claim that a major side effect of most hormone based "pills" is a sharp decline in sexual desire. Actually this side effect is the main reason many women abandon the pill.  Drug makers were slow to respond to this problem and skeptical about it's impact.  But the statistics are unmistakable. Pills with lower levels of hormones have improved the situation somewhat but a percentage of women still have difficulty with the contraceptive pill.  Lack of desire was a major problem.  This fits since the hormone that halts fertility tricks the body into thinking it is already pregnant. These "lack of desire" side effects can and many attest, have had a negative impact on relationships and in turn has affected the happiness of both parties in the relationship.

Birth Control Benefits for the Male of the Species

In comparison men are expected to have virtually no serious side effects or alterations in desire or sexual function when taking the birth control shots since the amount of testosterone in a dose corresponds to the amount that is normally found in a healthy man’s body already. Possibly men who suffer consequences from low testerone will benefit from the pills effects.  Since the body will temporarily stop producing the testosterone the levels of it in the body remain the same. So, the men that take the birth control shot will not turn into bodybuilders, or have any differences in mood, energy or sex-drive at all.

Men will have, however, the great advantage of complete control over their own seed and no worries of ever wondering after sex, “did she remember to take her pill today?”   This benefit alone will likely be a factor inducing a great number of men to take responsibility in the birth control and family planning arena.

Better Than THE PILL

Furthermore, some researchers have even claimed men’s birth control injections should prove significantly more reliable than current birth control pharmaceuticals used by women. Part of the reason is in the simplicity in how the shot works hormonally. Also, the schedule for taking the birth control shot for men is easy to keep track of, usually once every eight weeks.

If children are desired in the near future by a couple using the men’s birth control shot, they need not worry about any decrease in seed production or fertility.  After three to five months, the men will return to the full level of sperm production.

The price of the new male birth control shot should be competitive as well. Experts expect a similar price for male birth control as to what women currently pay for the traditional birth control pill.

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