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birthday-party-workout-pet-headerGoing to a birthday party? Step away from the food table. 

If you have kids of a certain age, you’re going to spend your weekend standing around at a kids birthday party several times a month. Get the conversation, and your body, moving! I’ll admit I thought twice about showing up to a birthday party in workout shorts and sneakers. But I didn’t want to chicken out. My challenge: how many of my #33minutes of exercise could I get in a three hour birthday party?

This was not just any birthday party. It was a PET SHOW birthday – the cutest themed party. Steal this idea immediately! AND it was held at a ball field and gym, perfect for my purposes.


By the end of the party, this was my tally:

  • 11 minutes: taking two four-year-olds on a walk around the ball field with the dog on a leash. Lots of stops, but some nice running and walking, and grateful parents.
  • 11 minutes: mentioning to other parents that I’m exercising #33minutes and would they like to walk and talk around the gym? Other than the occasional ball whizzing by, this was totally effortless and enjoyed by all.
  • 11 minutes: stacking up chairs during clean-up. Easy peasy.


Even by my standards, this is a very light workout. But it’s more exercise than I would have had standing around eating cake. Plus, it got in my #33minutes! Use it as a cheat sheet for your next party and share your birthday party workout ideas in the comments below.

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