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black-and-gold-oscar-dresses-never-dissapoints-videoCelebrity fashion stylist Rich February shows us you can never go wrong with combining black and gold to create a chic look. 

Other than Fashion Week, the Oscars are are one of the few times throughout the year we can't wait to get a bowl of popcorn and a glass of wine just so we can gossip about what the celebrities are wearing.

Even though fashion trends are constantly changing, one thing's for sure: Black and gold is always in.

Rich February shows us a gown by Chicago designer Anna Wong that might be an example of something we'll see on the Oscars Red Carpet. This long, black gown has just enough gold accent to make anyone look classy and elegant. The sheer lace, deep "V" in the front is tasteful enough to look sexy and sophisticated at the same time.


The idea of putting black and gold together probably isn't a shock to any of us. Black is always a perfect "go-to" color when we want to feel skinny and look upscale. I'm not sure where we all got the idea that black instantly makes us look 10 pounds skinnier, but it seems to boost all our egos every day, so it definitely works. 

Whether you're going to the 2013 Oscars or attending a fun at-home Oscar party, remember to pair these two colors when you're dressing up. You can never go wrong and you will turn heads with this great color combination! Like February says, "Keep it classy, keep it elegant and always keep it stylish!"

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