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labor-day-block-partyPlan a  Neighborhood Block Party For Labor Day

An end of summer community block party will help neighbors and children become aware of the difference between a friendly neighbor and a stranger to make it easier for all to know who to turn to in an emergency and create a sense of well being and safety for all neighbors and children.

A block party for Labor Day is a large outdoor party where all of the members of a neighborhood congregate to celebrate and important event, holiday, or simply to get to know one another. 

The name - Block Party - comes from the closing of an entire city block to vehicle traffic in order to form the party. Usually people will celebrate with music and dancing, along with activities for children like mobile petting zoos, inflatable bounce houses or slides. Neighbors and party goers serve food potluck style, with popcorn machines and BBQ served and shared among neighbors.

Tips for Planning a Block Party

  • A good way to begin is by passing out fliers among your neighbors inviting them to a meeting to discuss a Labor Day block party where you all can decide on dates, and form committees organizing the party.
  • Make sure neighborhood sign-up sheets are available for everyone to contribute with party necessities like tables and chairs, glasses and plates, napkins and utensils, along with other party needs.
  • Either choose a block party theme to keep the menu centered around a single idea or allow your neighbors to demonstrate their pizazz and ability in the kitchen and grill while contributing their best dishes.
  • Neighbors can choose decorations around a block party theme or a simple color to create cohesiveness through the block with each family creating their own banner and displaying it on their front lawn. Piñatas for the kids and torches and twinkling lights might combine to create a festive atmosphere.
  • Activities and party games like inflatable jumps, water balloon toss, face painting, pony rides, and mobile petting zoos stationed around the block party are great ways for everyone to mingle and get to know each other without feeling uncomfortable.
  • Music can be a simple matter solved with a stereo with speakers placed outside, or the local teenage garage band or full entertainment provided by a live band or dj with a mix of music for every one's enjoyment.
  • Always be sure to take care of the official matters of a block party set-up like permits, barricades for traffic, and trash pick-up after the event ahead of time if needed. Some officials will turn a blind eye to regulations surrounding community events, but it's a safe bet to cover the bases to prevent tickets and citations to ruin a community building experience.
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