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blood-pressure-medicine-may-increase-breast-cancer-risksIf you have used blood pressure calcium channel blockers for 10 years or more, a recent study shows that you may be more than doubly at risk for developing breast cancer.

But don't panic just yet. Researchers say the recent findings are not solid enough to effect changes in how the calcium channel blocker medications are prescribed and that other studies are needed.

In the meantime, women need to step up efforts at managing high blood pressure, such as experimenting with various calcium channel blockers in different doses as an attempt to find the right treatment that works for them.

High Blood Pressure and Breast Cancer

Researchers conducted a breast cancer case study that involved more than 900 women with ductal breast cancer ranging in age from 55 to 74 years of age during the years of 2000 to 2008, women with breast cancer that involved the lobular region (1,055), and 891 females that had no cancer.

Nearly 40 percent of the study participants, from three groups, had taken blood pressure medication. Of the three groups, 91 women had taken the medication with lobular breast cancer, 85 women with ductal breast cancer were on the medications, and 70 women had taken the medication and had no cancer.

Compared to the cancer-free women (11), the women that had ductal breast cancer (25 of them) had been taking the hypertension drugs, known as calcium channel blockers, for 10 or more years.

Beta blockers and diuretics, however, were not tied to breast cancer.

Researchers have concluded that if more broad studies conducted reveal the same results, then alternative therapies need to be explored. In the meantime, women are encouraged to keep taking the calcium channel blockers because high blood pressure itself is a serious health risk.

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