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bobby-deen-shares-fitness-adviceWe gotta move! It's a symbiotic relationship between diet, exercise and food. 

TV Host and book author Bobby Deen reveals that his interest in exercise sparked 13 years ago. He continues to stress that your body’s health is dependent not only on the food you eat but your exercise habits as well. 

See what Bobby Deen has to say about fitness and living healthy. 

Bobby Deen's Healthy Life Advice

The more you age, the more you have to be cautious about what you eat and what you do as far as exercise goes. Deen says when he was about 30-years-old he truly embraced exercising. 

He believes our bodies run like engines: What you put into them is going to reflect how it behaves. "You really are what you eat" Deen says. 

Deen says his daily exercise routine includes running three to four miles. He also consistently meets with his strength and conditioning coach who keeps him motivated. He says once you start a fitness program, it's easy to keep going. 

It’s so important to get and keep a good support system to help you commit to your healthier lifestyle too. 

To add to your new fitness regimen, you should pick up Bobby Deen’s cookbook, "From Mama’s Table to Mine." His book features great recipes that are 350 calories or less!

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