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You may not notice if your hubby keeps his hands in his pockets while you talk and it may even be funny the first time he falls asleep right after sex. But these are all important body language cues he’s giving that you’re missing. Body language experts say you can learn a lot about what someone is thinking and feeling just by paying attention to those little cues...

The Sexy Time Stance 

If your man is striking a subtle pose with his thumbs hanging on his belt loop, he may be giving you the "sexy time stance." Don’t ignore it! If you see this stance at a party, go over to him and whisper something sexy back! It’ll get you both in the mood for when you get home. 

That’s Not a Good Idea 

That cute beginner home down the street from your parents' house sounds like a great idea... and possibly free daycare! But if your hubby nods in agreement and then puts his hand to his mouth, he may have other ideas. Body language experts say anytime someone’s hand goes near their mouth or covers their mouth, they probably have something to hide. 

The Jealousy Gesture 

You’re hanging out and maybe even innocently flirting at a block party. If your boyfriend walks up to you and taps you on the shoulder, it could indicate jealously. Introduce your man as your boyfriend and get him involved in the convo so he doesn’t feel left out. 

The "In Love" Signal 

While planning your first real vacation together over a glass of wine, your beau copies your movement, like picking up a glass or straightening his posture. He is probably unintentionally giving you the "I am so in love with you" signal. Whenever someone mimics your movements, it’s a very good thing! 

Taking the Lead 

While discussing your financial plans with the bank, your husband holds your hand but puts his on top. This could indicate that he’s saying he’s got this and will be the leader. This is especially true if you’ve been doing most of the talking. 

Time to Leave Indicator 

Feet indicate a lot. And if you’re at a party and he’s ready to go for whatever reason, you’ll notice his feet pointed towards the exit, even if his entire body isn’t facing the door. 

The Overwhelmed Act 

When we get overwhelmed or nervous, sometimes the hair on our back stands up. So if he taps or lightly slaps the back of his neck, he’s signaling he’s overwhelmed. Give him reassurance with a little rub on the neck.  

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