bold-dramatic-makeup-looksGo From Soft and Plain to Bold Dramatic Makeup Looks

What woman wants to look plain and drab every day?  Maybe you’re going to a company party, to see a movie or to enjoy a night out on the town.  Bold dramatic makeup looks — using bright eye shadows, dark defining liners, sparkling cheek colors and bold, bright, glossy lips—can be ideal for any skin tone or texture.

Get Bold Dramatic Makeup Looks

Dramatic makeup looks can be ideal to express and accentuate the inner diva in us all.  No matter what your skin tone, there are countless bold dramatic makeup trends that will work for you and complement your eye shape, lip size and bone structure.  Working dark and bright colors into your makeup kit will give you all you need to create hot bold makeup styles.

Prepping the Face

  1. Make sure your face is clean and thoroughly moisturized.  To begin your bold dramatic makeup look, Apply a neutral concealer to cover up any blemishes or dark circles around the eyes.
  2. Foundation application is critical to creating a dramatic makeup look.  If your foundation doesn’t match you natural skin tone, it can distort the dramatic makeup effects you’re going for.  You want the foundation to look natural, so make sure it isn't too dark or too light.
  3. Apply liquid or cream foundation with small dabs on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin, then lightly blend using a makeup sponge for full coverage.  You can also lightly brush on power foundation to seal in the color and create a smooth finish.  Be careful not to apply too much powder, since this will play up cracks and indentations in the skin.

Applying Bold Dramatic Eye Makeup

Now that your canvas is set, you're ready to create a dramatic makeup look just like a professional makeup artist.   The eyes are the place to begin. 

  1. Choose colors that mix well and coordinate with your outfit, but avoid using more than three different tones.  Apply the lightest of the three tones as your base, closest to the lash and brow lines.  Next, blend in darker eye shadows from lightest to darkest but staying within the outline of the light shadow.
  2. Depending on how bold you want to be, bring out the shadows and eye color by using black, brown or blue eyeliners on both the top and bottom eyelids.  For a smokier, nighttime look, apply eyeliner across the eye lid and define the corners of your eyes.
  3. After you have applied the powders, liners and shades, your eyelashes bring the finished look to your eye makeup.  You want to make sure to use mascara that lifts, spreads and defines your lashes.  For women with thick, long lashes, light mascara application is best.  If your lashes are thin, you will want a mascara that lifts and thickens.  Achieve a truly dramatic look by applying fake lashes and/or heavy mascara.

Creating Deep Cheekbones

A simple highlight to the cheekbone in a soft neutral shade works well with bold dramatic makeup looks.  Use a long brush stroke to target the contour of your bone structure, which will makes your face look thinner.  Circular blush application highlights the top of the bone and the fleshy part of the cheek.

Bold Lip Colors

Begin with a neutral color first, then add the dark or bright colors for more defined lip makeup. Typically, a make up artist will apply a little concealer over the lips then lightly outline them.  When lining the lips, use liners closest to the base lipstick color.  Avoid black lip lines unless you’re using dark brown lip colors.  Apply deep reds, burgundies or brown lip colors with a lip brush, then apply a little gloss.  Glitter gloss is great to highlight those bold dramatic lips.

Now head out and enjoy your event knowing that no one's going to mistake that goregous transformed woman for a wall flower this time!cs-white

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