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Sponsored by UBTECH Robotics Corp

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There's no bond stronger than that between parent and child - and it grows every single day as you make your way through the world together. One way to make your bond with your kid even more unique is to build and learn something new together - like a Jimu Robot. And what's cooler than building a robot? Pretty much nothing. 

These robots are also some of the most compelling kid's electronics (they're meant for kids ages 8-14) we've ever seen from an educational perspective as well; that's because the problem solving and STEM and programming skills that are developed through building a robot from the ground up will certainly serve your kid well throughout their life. Finally, they're pretty fantastic from a parent-child or family bonding point of view.

What's better than teaching your kid some useful new abilities like logical, lateral, and spatial thinking, problem solving and planning, and more? Learning those skills right along with them! 

Let's Talk About Jimu Robots

These aren't your standard plastic robot toys. In fact, they aren't really toys at all! Jimu robots are actual personal robots that you can build and customize, complete with high quality, high torque robotic servo motors that allow for realistic fluidity and stability when moving from one pose to another and executing behaviors that are programmed using the illustrated 3D app interface (which will work from your smartphone, iPad or other tablet).

If you're unfamiliar with the awesomeness that is a Jimu Robot, these were created by UBTech Robotics Corp - noteworthy for their highly advanced humanoid robots - and part of the company's dream to put a robot in every home. Jimu Robots are designed to be consumer-friendly, enriching, and engaging - which makes them the perfect family project. 

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 2.42.52 PMFrom the start of the building process (using 3-D step-by-step building instructions) to programming your Jimu Robot and having it execute your commands, you and your kid will experience what it's like to work with robotics.

Your parent-child robotics team can start with various pre-determined commands (easy to program using the Blockly coding method and their intuitive Pose-Record-Play system) and then go to customize your robot's behaviors and even share them with the world by participating in a global online community of Jimu fans and users. This isn't a simulation - this is the real deal, and you and your kid really get to take command of your robot! 

Bonding Through Learning

It's been proven that learning something new together is a pretty significant bonding experience for humans in general, whether they are peers, siblings, or parents and children.

Just think about it - didn't you really bond with some of your classmates or colleagues over the years even if you didn't have a lot in common outside the classroom or office? That wasn't entirely due to proximity.  And you definitely bonded with your siblings, and it wasn't just because of shared DNA or family ties - those bonds also form because you grew and learned together. 

Which makes the opportunity for parents to learn alongside their child so wonderful. In fact, your child might already know more about robotics and programming than you, or pick it up faster!

If that's the case, they'll love being able to teach you - the all knowing adult - something for once. Whether you're an engineer yourself or a newbie to STEM, these robots give you the chance to lay the foundation for a lifetime of learning and bond with your kid at the same time - and that's undeniably worthwhile.

Building A Lifetime Of Fond Memories

You probably don't remember every meal, car ride, or other more mundane aspects of your childhood, but you'd definitely remember building a robot! And that might be the most valuable and compelling reason to get a Jimu Robot for your kid. Not only are they learning valuable skills and training their mind to code or program (setting themselves up for future STEM success), they're gaining all sorts of wonderful memories and moments with you in the process. Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 2.33.25 PM Cropped

After all, the process of building and programming your own Jimu Robot is a lot more involved than just passively starting at a screen. After all, these aren't toys - they involve actual robotics! And we can all agree that creating a robot with mom or dad is just pretty cool - it's a level up from just about any other activity out there. 

Have Fun And Make Your Ideas Come To Life

That's because unlike any other toy set out there, Jimu Robots make your kid's ideas actually come to life. As you and your kid learn how to program your robot, you'll be able to make it do many of the things you've both been imagining that a pet or personal robot could do - but figured could only happen in the movies. And that's more than worthwhile - it's actually really awesome! 



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