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The Book Club Workout

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book-club-workout-header2If there’s on thing we miss more than getting enough time to exercise, it’s getting enough time to read.

What if you could get both at the same time? As part of our quest to get #33minutes each day, and make it a comfortable part of life, we bring all our best motivation and creativity until we find what works for us. Today’s thought is to increase the SATISFACTION DENSITY of your workout by combining two things you would love to have more time for into one activity.

If you love to read but aren’t so excited about exercise, the reading workout is for you!

If you’re on a stationary treadmill, elliptical or bike, download a reader app or use a tablet, bump up the font size, or even read on your phone. It’s light enough to hold and scroll with one hand without tumbling you off. If I can do it, and I promise I am clumsier than you are, you can do it.


If you have a beautiful day to get out for a walk or a run and can do so somewhere like a track so you don’t have to navigate traffic, you can switch the reader to audio and have it read the story to you. An audio book read by a great voice talent would be even better.

Note - I learned that there is a ‘read it to me’ feature on Kindle when I accidentally activated it while riding in an NYC cab and my bodice-ripper Regency romance novel would not stop spilling it’s secrets for several pages as I tried to silence it.

So for your next workout, enjoy a good read! If Fifty Shades of Grey makes your heart race, we’ll just call that a health benefit. 

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