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BOOST-YOUR-metabolism-with-new-drinks-videoGet more out of your workouts and boost your metabolism with these new drinks!

As a health and fitness expert, I am always looking for new products to boost your workouts. I am also always looking for products to help get better results.

That said, I have four new products that you'll want to keep in your gym bag or check out before your next workout.

What Do You Keep in Your Gym Bag?

1. Celsius

Celsius, a thermagenic drink, is considered a healthier alternative to energy drinks. It is available in six natural flavor: Non-carbonated Green Tea Flavors include Raspberry Acai and Peach Mango. Bubbly sparkling flavors include: Orange, Wild Berry and Cola. It has won ten awards in the Best New Functional Product, Best New Health Initiative and the CSP Retailers Choice award categories.

2 Champion Renew

Champion Renew is a post workout vitamin supplement that supports muscle recovery. This healing mix of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) help prevent muscle breakdown. The Champion Line offers pre-workout and during workout supplements as well.

3. Chapstick Active

Chapstick Active now comes sport ready! It has the water resistant SPF 30 protection like most Chapstick products but also sports a clip top package which keeps it within reach instead of fumbling through your gym bag. The well-known lip balm protects your lips and moisturizes them too.

4. Activate Drinks

Activated Drinks are the only twist cap to release sports vitamins into the drink. It boosts great flavors like Exotic Berry for beauty and Passion Fruit for Rebounding from your workouts and other natural flavors with no added sugar or calories. Their patented twist and release cap helps keep vitamins like Vitamin A, B5, B12 and C to their full potency instead of sitting in the water on store shelves before you actually get to drink them.

All products have proven workout benefits and are available nationwide in stores. We did not receive any promotional benefits from these products other than the product samples to our offices.

If you have great ideas for gym bag essentials, please share them on our Facebook page.

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