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bosu-ball-workout-routine-videoThis one, small piece of exercise equipment will change up your workout routine at home! 

Everyone gets tired of their workout routine from time to time and needs a new piece of equipment to change it up. A Bosu Ball, which stands for ‘both sides up’, can easily be incorporated into every at-home exercise that you do.

Andrea Metcalf shows us four easy Bosu Ball exercises that will be the perfect addition to any at-home workout plan!

Flat side down

Move 1: Step up onto the ball, balance with both of your feet, and then step back down. This move will build your ankle strength and core, while maintaining good posture.

Move 2: With Both feet balancing on the ball, put arms out in front and squat down. The instability will challenge your balance while toning your muscles.

Move 3: Sit low on the ball, open up your chest and roll up, in a typical crunch movement. The bosu ball supports the back while allowing your crunch to have a full range of movement.

Flat side up

Move 1: With the ball flat side up, hold onto the sides, and put your legs back into plank. Continue to push up and down. This move will strengthen your core while challenging each arm equally.

One of the best aspects of working out at home is that you can do it at whatever time is most convenient for you. And, there is never an excuse not to do a few workout moves. By adding this one piece of workout equipment, you will not only spice up your at home workout routine, but will also challenge your entire body. 

Good luck and get exercising!

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