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bottle-and-sippy-cup-dangersBaby Bottles, Sippies, and Pacifiers Causing Deaths.

A leading cause of injury in babies and toddlers might surprise you. Recent reports have revealed that babies or toddlers just learning to walk or run could be at risk for injury. Sippy cups, pacifiers and baby bottles can be dangerous to little ones walking around or running while the cup or pacifier is still in the child’s mouth. Hospital visits involving mouth injury to these youngsters are pretty frequent and it seems that pacifiers, baby bottles and Sippy cups are to blame. 

Child Welfare and Baby Bottles 

Getting a newly walking baby to sit still for feedings is about as close to impossible as you can get, but it seems there is more reason to encourage you baby to drink their milk sitting down. Sippy Cups, baby bottles and pacifiers can injure a baby’s mouth when the child falls while the cup or pacifier is in the mouth. Mostly the injuries involve cuts to the mouth caused by the child falling on the pacifier or bottle while running or walking. Cause of injury in these cases can be linked directly to what item the toddler or baby had in their mouth during the fall. 

Cause of Injury Study

A study started in 1990, tracked the number of injuries caused by pacifiers, bottles and Sippy cups and found very interesting trends. While the majority of these accidents or injuries involved baby bottles, the rate of these injuries has actually been declining. Researchers aren’t positive if children are falling less or that there is less of a use of baby bottles in children beginning to walk. Pacifiers and Sippy cups also frequently caused emergency visits involving injuries to the mouth. 

Sippy cups and Babies

Babies using Sippy cups while walking also sustained injuries to the mouth during falls, but the injuries were less serious than those caused by baby bottles. The injuries caused by pacifiers, baby bottles and Sippy cups mostly involved cuts or fractures to the gums, teeth and bones in the mouth. The injuries were in a very large majority of the cases were minor and an emergency visit to the hospital revealed that the child would be just fine. In some cases injuries to the neck and face were recorded especially in falls involving Sippy cups. 

Avoid These Causes of Injury 

While no one can get their little one to cooperate all the time these little tricks might save you child an emergency hospital visit

  • Encourage your baby to sit while drinking. Easier said than done, but teach through example and sit down at the table when you enjoy a beverage. 
  • Pacifiers are detrimental to your baby’s teeth, but weaning your child is comparable to giving your cat a bath. Slowly wean your baby and then only offer the pacifier during nap times and nighttime where your baby is less likely to walk with the pacifier in their mouth. 
  • Toddlers should be using Sippy cups. Sippy cups still caused injuries, but according to the study injuries involving Sippy cups were less in number and severity. Once your baby is walking confidently transition from the baby bottle to a Sippy cup. 

Baby bottles, pacifiers and Sippy cups are generally safe, keep a watchful eye on your busy little ones and encourage them to drink while sitting down. This cause of injury is at times unavoidable but these tips might help you to avoid an emergency hospital visit with your baby. 

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