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boy-asks-for-pictures-of-dogs-while-battling-cancerThink about what makes you the happiest. For 16-year-old Anthony Lyons, its dogs.

The Arizona teen's love of four-legged friends has helped him as he undergoes chemotherapy for leukemia, and he's especially excited when therapy dogs come to meet him during treatments.

Lyon said, "When the dogs come, that's the one thing that makes me smile. The dogs are so happy. They come in and they are already happy. They just want to see you."

But what about the moments when they can't come to visit? Well... pictures are worth a thousand words, and feelings it seems. 

A family acquaintance put up a Facebook event page asking for people to help recreate the experience online, titling the request "Photo Doggies for Anthony." The result was inspiring, and helpful in improving Lyons' optimism.

The feedback from the group has been amazing. There are over 900,000 people invited to the Facebook event and over 500,000 pictures of puppies have landed on the page. This isn't just restricted to the United States either. There are pictures of dogs from Australia, Dubai, and  everywhere in-between. 


Photo Credit: Facebook

Some people just post pictures of man's best friend, others write their thoughts and prayers, and some do both. 

"No one is benefiting other than just their own happiness. And that makes me happy right now," his mother Kristen Lyons said. "This is honestly the best thing that's ever happened to us ever. It's given us something to do besides lay around and wait for the next 'sick' thing to happen."

If you want to help in the furry cause, post a picture of your dog here!

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